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The World Firefighters Games; Hong Kong, CHINA
18 to 25 February 2006

First time in Asia? You bet and what an awesome venue Hong Kong turned out to be. The Hong Kong Games were a marvellous spectacle from start to finish, commencing with the Opening Ceremony / Welcome Dinner, continuing through to the sporting events throughout the Games week and finally the Farewell Dinner. It was clearly evident that the organisers had gone out of their way to ensure that participants weren't disappointed and that the Hong Kong Games would remain a lasting memory.

The Hong Kong Fire Service has raised the bar in the way the Games should be organised in the future. The co-ordination of the event far surpassed previous Games with their commitment to professionalism and fair play. Congratulations Hong Kong!

Toughest Firefighter Alive

The 'blue ribbon' event of the World Firefighters Games, the Toughest Firefighter Alive, is the most gruelling event of the entire competition. It is a test of great strength and endurance.

Example of disciplines;

3 events establishing hose, obstacle and weight activities. eg 2.5 km run wearing 20 kg backpack, tunnel crawl wearing breathing apparatus.
1 event in a climbing activity using local terrain. eg 21 floor stair climb wearing breathing apparatus.

Overall Winners
Men: Fabricio Nascimento, Brazil: 8:32
Women: Angela Munro, New Zealand: 16:27

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